Sherwood Forest Faire

Are you looking for good events for the whole family? If so, you definitely need to consider Sherwood Forest Faire festival. The event takes place annually. The festival begins in the early February and lasts till the early march. It’s worth noting that Sherwood Forest Faire is one of the top events in Austin, Texas and the United States. The festival offers a lot of interesting things to see and do to its guests.

Keep in mind that Sherwood Forest Faire provides it’s attendees with many great activities entertainments. These include archery competitions, full-contact jousting, music, comedy, theatre, fantastic tea party, rides and more. The event also offers kid-friendly shows and a lot of great activities for the whole family. If you attend Sherwood Forest Faire you’ll be able to see more than 130 merchant shops with amazing handcrafts. During the event you’ll be able to taste a lot of delicious foods and beverages.