Harvey Penick Invitational

Harvey Penick Invitational is a must attend event for those individuals who can’t imagine their life without golf. It’s important to note that the Harvey Penick Invitational (also known as the Labor Day Tournament) has a long and interesting history that dates back to 1935. Obviously, the golf tournament has come a long way prior to becoming one of the most popular annual sport events in Austin, TX.

Today, that the Harvey Penick Invitational is a popular golf tournament in Austin that brings together mid-amateurs (who are 24 years old and older) as well as senior amateurs (who are 50 years old and older) and, of course, a lot of golf fans. If you belong to one of these categories of golf players, then you obviously need to join the Harvey Penick Invitational.

The golf tournament is held by Austin Country Club at the beginning of October. The event takes place every year. Don’t miss a splendid opportunity to play at one of the best golf courses in Austin and Texas and get valuable experience!