BatFest and Night of the Bat

BatFest and Night of the Bat is one of the most exciting events which take place in Austin, Texas annually. The festival is held at Congress Ave Bridge in the late August. It’s important to point out that this event is very unusual.

If you attend this great festival you’ll have the rare opportunity to see over 2-million Mexican free tail bats and enjoy their fantastic night flight. It goes without saying that the festival will give you memorable experience and a lot of positive emotions.

BatFest and Night of the Bat provides its attendees with the vast variety of great activities and entertainments. You need to know that BatFest and Night of the Bat offers a lot of interesting activities for children. So, it’s a good idea to attend the event with kids. You’ll be able to enjoy listening great live music during the festival. Keep in mind that over 75 arts and crafts vendors are displayed during the festival. And, of course, BatFest and Night of the Bat will impress you with its vast variety of its delicious foods and drinks.